Speaker: Christopher Rudder

002: Stuck On The Azores Islands, Portugal During A Pandemic 🇵🇹

What would you do if while vacationing on a small island in Portugal, the Corona Virus’ quick spread sudden;y makes it very challenging for you to get home.

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001: 12 Hours To Find A Way To Home From Peru 🇵🇪

What would you do if while countries close borders and flights get cancelled or grounded due to COVID-19 taking over the planet in your attempts to try to get back to Canada you find yourself stranded in Peru?

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000: Start Here 🇨🇦

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF… That taxi cab driver suddenly decides to take you way off the destination route. That delicious paella you ate while in Madrid is starting to churn in your stomach. That Airbnb rental with all the pretty pictures turns out to be the accommodation rental from hell. You’re about to pay…

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