Series: Serious & Emotional

021: Surviving The Unwanted Sexual Advances Of A Fellow Airline Passenger (with Kathryn Dickson)

What would you do if… While on a flight the creepy passenger beside you started making unwanted sexual advances towards you. About The Guest(s) Kathryn has had itchy feet ever since she was a teenager. Her parents took her on summer road trips every year across Canada and because of that, she has been hooked…

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018: Surviving An Assault While Travelling Abroad

What would you do if… while exploring Marrakech Morocco you dip down an alleyway on your way back to your accommodation where you suddenly find yourself fending off a male attacker. About The Guest(s) Erin Hynes aka Pina is a Canadian blogger, writer, and digital marketing specialist. She was 19 years old when she moved…

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