013: Surviving Diarrhea For Six Days While Travelling Abroad 🇹🇷

What would you do if…

while exploring Cappadocia, Turkey you eat something that leaves you sick with diarrhea for several days. Across two continents, two countries and a few cities you can’t seem to get rid of the stomach bug….

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Christopher Rudder is the owner and content creator for Rudderless Travel. A travel blog that highlights short trips and mini-breaks; Weekend Getaways, Business Travel, Day Trips, Stopovers & Layovers-. It’s all about short weeks and long weekends !!
The Rudderless TRVL Brand includes the Travel Horror Stories Podcast and his travel videos on his Youtube channel which include the series Rudderless and In My Own Backyard.

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Danielle is the go-to for financially savvy travellers. She can help you afford to travel, pay off debt and build wealth. She is a published author, a personal finance writer, speaker, content for the Thought Card blog and host of the Thought Card Podcast.

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Resources, Tips & Tricks:

  • Always travel with Kleenex, hand sanitizer, baby wipes and Imodium/Pepto-Bismol
  • Always make a note of where the hospitals are, specifically the hospitals that your insurance will only work with.
  • Always know where the nearest Pharmacy is to you accommodations
  • Depending on your symptoms you may want to try the pharmacist first as they have some similar training as doctors when it comes to medication. This of course is dependent on your travel history – snake bites, animal bites, serious injury or bleeding etc., head to the hospital.
  • Busing lines for street food vendors id a good sign. Not just for the test but it also means high turn over of food.

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