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015: Surviving Australia’s Victorian Bush Fires 🇦🇺

What would you do if… while house sitting in Australia you suddenly find yourself in the middle of one of Australia’s all-time worst bushfire disasters? About The Guest(s) Nora...

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014: Surviving Class 6 Rapids In Zimbabwe, Africa 🇿🇼

What would you do if… while white water rafting on a river in Zimbabwe, you raft hits a rock and tips over. Suddenly you find yourself choosing between letting...

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013: Surviving Diarrhea For Six Days While Travelling Abroad 🇹🇷

What would you do if… while exploring Cappadocia, Turkey you eat something that leaves you sick with diarrhea for several days. Across two continents, two countries and a few...

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Bonus EP: From Housesitting To Near-Homelessness During COVID-19 🇺🇸

What is house sitting? How did COVID-19 affect house sitters and digital nomads. Why saving money and having an emergency fund is important.

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012: The Future Of Travel – Post Pandemic 🇨🇦

What will flying on airlines look like post COVID-19 and pre-vaccine What will booking accommodations look like in the future amongst the Corona Virus What will group tours look...

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011: Travel Health & Wellness During The Pandemic: From Air Travel To Lodging 🇺🇸

Travel Health & Wellness during a pandemic Travelling via Airplane and staying in accommodations during a pandemic for work Travelling Internationally and Travelling within the USA

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